Already have email accounts for your domain. We will transfer them free. If you choose to keep your existing email service and not migrate to us, that's fine too. It's your choice we're here to facilitate your needs, not force anything on you.

Email Support

If you don't have email set up and want email, we will be happy to create your mailboxes and get them up and running for you. Need help configuring your Desktop or portable device, we're here to walk you through the process or if required, we can set up your Desktop email for you. As with the majority of our services at Hunter Grey, there is no charge. It's all part of managing your Internet needs.

Email Management

If your hosting your email with us, we perform all the usual tasks. If you need a new mailbox, simply let us know and we will set it up for you. If you have special forwarding needs, or need a mailbox deleted, just let us know, and we will take care of it for you.

Advanced Virus Detection

At Hunter Grey all our email servers come complete with Advanced Virus and Anti-Spam filtering. Recent studies have shown almost 90% of all email today is related to unsolicited advertising. Think how much time you waste stumbling through email trying to decipher what's good and what's junk. Our advanced technology spam filters help reduce that. If you receive regular email from a unsolicited source you just let us know, and we will stop them fast !

Web and Mobile Devices

Hunter Grey Email services include access via your web browser and your mobile device. We know in today's business environment you need to be connected wherever you are.

Security and Recovery

Our servers provide Secure Socket Layer service to your email. That means each email you sent to or receive from our server is securely encrypted to insure your privacy.

Our email service allows you to easily recover in case of a catastrophic incident. Computer crashed and have to replace it ? We will set up your new computer's email at no charge to you. Because all your email is stored on our secured servers, we're able to get you back up and running just where you left off.

Room to Grow

Your plan includes unlimited POP3 SSL Secured mailboxes. This also includes web based access to your mailboxes, and a fully configurable environment that supports most hand held devices.

Alternatively you can elect to use IMAP Email. This email has all the features of POP3 email but additionally synchronizes your mailboxes across all devices. This way you see all your incoming mail and sent mail from any device that was sent via any device. This plan also has unlimited mailboxes and has a generous disk space allocation. Another advantage of IMAP email is, should your machine crash or fail, and you have to replace it, all your email is safely stored away on our servers and ready to be accessed as soon as your up and running again.

Eyes Only Messages

Due to recently increased security standards regarding financial, medical and legal information we have developed systems that will allow you to send that information with the knowledge and security of knowing that it was delivered securely and accurately from your mailbox to the recipient. There is a small charge associated with this, but if you deal with personal information of your clients this is a definite must have.

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