Business + Domain = Better Impression

HunterGrey Managed Hosting

HunterGrey Managed Hosting

If your going to invest your time, money and other resources in your business. Don’t forget to associate your business email with a real domain. HunterGrey as well as many other registrars sell domains for about $10.00.

Making sure your email address ends in a domain that’s associated with your business adds additional validation to your business and helps reassure your perspective customers, your a real business.

If you don’t have a website,¬† even just a simple one page website will further help you make a good impression and can lead to better exposure. Small “contact” sites are very inexpensive and require only a small monthly charge.

Email Security : Just how secure is your email

HunterGrey Managed Hosting

HunterGrey Managed Hosting

Why is the availability of Secure Email Important

Most of us really aren’t too concerned with email security on a day to day basis. We send short notes to our spouses, business associates and associated vendors. Most of this content is benign. However, more and more people are realizing, that along with tonight’s grocery list, we are also communicating with our accountants, lawyers and health care providers. In turn they are also sending you messages to us. This type of information is important, and often times contains enough information that if provided to the wrong person could be used to hijack your bank account, steal credit card numbers and even open new credit lines in your name.

How does Secure Email Hosting Work

So exactly how does email work ? In the most simple environment it’s much like a large company that has a mail room. With no security at all, you can envision just handing the mail clerk your message without an envelope. He then strolls down to the mail room, stopping¬† to pick up more messages, conversing with others and of course a short stop for a cup of coffee. Once he gets to the mail room, he takes your message and stacks it up with everyone elses messages that are going to a particular destination. This stack of messages is then handed to another courier and they deliver them to the mail room of their destination. That mail room in turns sorts the messages by destination, and then at some point, they are delivered.

Through this entire process, your message is available for anyone to read, take notes and use that information for their own purposes. You might as well place a small ad in the daily paper because that’s about how secure your message is.

The next level, and the most common is using SSL encryption. Anyone that has expressed any concern with the security of their email, has always been assured or maybe even up charged for SSL encryption. Very impressive terms are used like SSL, 2048 bit encryption and security certificates. So what exactly happens with SSL encryption. Back to our original example, you actually place your message in a sealed envelope and hand it to your company’s mail clerk. He then continues on his route. This whole time your message is safely sealed in the envelope you placed it in and no one can read it. Once your message arrives at the mail room, it is immediately taken out of the envelope you put it in and the process continues as it did before. The whole time you message is “in the clear”. Meaning, readable to anyone that happens to stop and wants to stop and read it.

There are a few exceptions to this, in that sometimes, your message might actually get to stay in it’s envelope until it’s delivered to it’s destination’s mail room. But even then, it’s taken out of it’s envelope and is just laying about until it gets delivered to it’s recipient. Even at best, there’s usually a photocopy made of your message and it lingers about in each mail room, unencrypted and easily read by anyone that happens to wander in.

Secure Email – What should you do ?

So what should you do to insure your information stays in it’s tightly sealed envelope until the recipient actually sits down to read it? First of all I need to point out, this is not a solution for 100% of your email to be secure. This is in those very specific cases when the information contained in the message can be used for purposes outside it’s original intent.

This is how it works, and we’ll try to use a real world example here. I’m a lawyer, and have some rather personal information about my client that I need to share with a expert for evaluation. I use SSL encryption and send the email to my mail room. But this is a very special mail room, and as soon as my message gets there and it’s taken out of the envelope (decrypted), and immediately is put in another highly secure envelope (it’s encrypted again). The recipient of the information is sent a message indicating that you have some sensitive information to give them and they should come to YOUR mail room to read it. (they are given a link). Then the recipient comes to your mail room, shows his ID and the message is read.(they go to a special Encrypted Website). You are given a update that the recipient has read the email, so you can now follow up with them to get their feed back.

The advantage to this system is that you have insured that at no time has your message been exposed in a readable form to anyone except the intended recipient. MANY banks, insurance companies, lawyers, health care providers and government agencies use this type of “secure” communication on a day to day basis.

Summary of Secure Email Hosting

These of course are VERY broad examples of just a few details of how Secure Email Communications work. There are certainly more methods concerning email security, that require the recipient to have special keys to read your email as well as specialized private networks. The point of this article is just to shed a little light on email security, and to make you aware, that just because your provider says your email connection is SSL secured, doesn’t really mean much when it comes down to real security.

HunterGrey Hosting and Secure Email Hosting

We at HunterGrey hosting take email security security. Our email hosting has provisions for secure delivery of sensitive information. If your a professional, you should investigate with your current web hosting or email hosting provider about just how secure your information really is.

HunterGrey Hosting Opens Email’s Dirty Little Secrets

HunterGrey Managed HostingWe will be opening up some of Email’s dirty little secrets about security, encryption, privacy and email hosting. Be sure and visit HunterGrey Managed Hosting, on Wednesday, February 12. I think you’ll find the information very insightful.

Every day 124,000,000,000 spam emails are sent. If each spam e-mail wastes 4 seconds, how many hours are wasted each day due to spam?

We’ll answer that tomorrow and a whole lot more !

February Special $49.95

siteHeaderLogoHunter Grey Hosting will be offering a special to new customers during the month of February. All new customers signing up will receive our totally managed hosting package for only $49.95 a month for as long as they host with us. This is a considerable savings over the normal $89.95 per month rate.


Hunter Grey Hosting Refuses To “Boil the Frog”

siteHeaderLogoI’m sure most of you are wondering what “Boiling the Frog” means. Some of you know of the experiment, where you can put a frog in a pot of boiling water, and he will immediately jump out. But, if you take that same frog and put him in a nice cool comfortable pot, and then slowly over time increase the heat, he will sit there until the pot is boiling and eventually die.

Many of today’s service providers have adopted that philosophy. I’m not saying they intentionally have done it, but the slow progression of the “cafeteria” style service offering has turned into a big surprise for the consumer, resulting in higher than expected expenses.

If your sitting there wondering what I’m talking about, then please, let me give you a small example. Lets say you received a Special One Time offer from your cell phone provider, saying you can upgrade your two year old phone to the latest super duper multi-tasking phone available. Your upgrade price..$20.00. Wow !!! what a deal, at least that’s how it appears.

Now you go to get your super duper phone, and the pleasant and knowledgeable sales person tells you that in order to use your phone, you will need to make a few small changes to your monthly billing.

First, you must have data. How can you even receive email without the “Data” Plan. How much is it…only $15 per month for a bazzilion gigabits. Hmmm…ok, well I have to have it, and it’s only $15, why not. (Side note, if you use up your bazzilion gigabit allotment, there is a small $2 per bazzilion gigabits charge, plus a $35 overage fee). You might want to step up the the 2 bazzilion gigabits super saver plan for only $27 per month to avoid any possible overages.

Next, you are offered insurance. To replace your phone if it’s lost, stolen, falls in the lake or the super touch screen gets a big ugly crack down the middle of it. Cost : $7.00 per month. Nothing wrong with that, $7.00 to insure my $900 phone. Yes definitely.¬† If you don’t ask, they won’t tell you, but there is also a $200 deductible to replace/fix your phone.

Speaking of lost phones, they also have a service so that if you loose your phone, you can go to any web browser and log in to the Find Your Super Phone and you will see where you left it at. That is VERY handy, since it would save me the $200 to replace my lost phone. Cost: $1.50 per month. That’s nothing, loose change.

This goes on and on..$2.00 here, $1.50 here…surcharge, data use tax, provisioning cost…*sigh*

So you’ve stepped through every dish available in the cafeteria now, some things you must have or the phone won’t even work. Some things you have because it will help you be more efficient. Some things you have because it just seemed they would be useful.

You finally walk out of the store with your super duper new phone. You get your next bill from your service provider, open it, and to your surprise, your super duper $20 phone, now has doubled your monthly bill.

This type of service offering run rampant with service providers, it’s all a slow boil to you, the consumer.

Now to the point of this conversation. Hunter Grey Hosting will never, ever try to nickel and dime our customers. When you purchase hosting services from us, you get everything you need to host your website and email. PERIOD

I would love to say that previous comment in the purest of terms. That of course meaning, if you needed ANYTHING you wanted it’s still the same monthly fee. There a few things we just can’t give away: New Website Designs, Unusual Storage Requirements, Professional writing services and of course Search Engine Optimization. These are all things that are separate from monthly hosting. With only a few and understandable exceptions, your getting exactly what you need without 50 “addons”.

Need a new mailbox..Done for you. Need to add or change an address on your website..Done for you. Everything about hosting your website and your email…DONE FOR YOU for NO EXTRA COST. At Hunter Grey Hosting, we love our frogs, and we have no desire to BOIL them !